Ian (ringbark) wrote,

Sunny evening

It's a fine evening, but I think that the dozen or so people here
would rather be on a bus into Chester than wondering what has happened
to it. And as I type this, a smaller than usual bus arrives, of
course. We're into the exam season by now. David will have had no less
than FOUR papers today. Remarkable. But he did hear last week that he
will be a senior prefect next year. Well done! In other news, we have
changed phone, tv and internet provider. We're now Virgin customers.
It hasn't run smoothly, but I have Orange their 30 days notice today.
This cunning condition means they can extract a month's fee without
providing any service. Their retention specialist tried to keep us,
but I told him he was wasting his time. But I was slightly more polite
than that. Now all that remains is to get our BT number back. For now,
anyone who wants to call will have to dial 200 7259 with the
appropriate area code. As for internet, the service is find but I had
to get a new router to enable us to use all our wireless laptops on
the new service. Getting the router to talk to the internet seems to
involve switching devices on in the right order, but it's all sorted
now. Thanks, Mark! You offer software service that Virgin and Belkin
don't... The tv installation, the service we care about least, went
fine, of course. In sport, the first South African final in the Super
12, now inflated to 14, went to the wrong team. I've been a Sharks fan
a long time. They were pipped by the Bulls. And the wrong team won the
FA Cup Final, largely because the wrong teams were playing. As a
playoff for 3rd place in the Champions League, it was fine. I look
forward to Liverpool FC beating Milan in Athens on Wednesday. And it
looks like I now have about seven minutes before my train leaves. I
hope that's enough time to get to and across the station.
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