Ian (ringbark) wrote,

Can't remember where I was up to

Yesterday we went to see Pirates 3. It's not bad so far as effects go,
but the plot is unfathomable and gives the impression that they were
making it up as they went along. And even though it is a bad movie, it
will make a fortune at the box office. To my earlier complaint about
the bankruptcy of ideas in Tinseltown, I add Ocean's 13 and the Bourne
Ultimatum. O 13 loses further because O 11 was a remake in the first
place. Anyhow, it was a reasonable way to spend an afternoon, but it
was decidedly BBC weather. The evening came and went in the usual way.
Today was amazingly wet and cold, but in the last couple of hours it
has brightened right up, and we have a late afternoon that shouldn't
be ashamed of itself in late May. Unlike the hail last night. Or the
hail this morning...
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