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05:27 pm: June is here
Welcome to June. It's a beautiful warm afternoon, and the bus driver
still hasn't found out how to drive over speed bumps comfortably.
Still, at least he hasn't missed any turnings tonight... Viv's last
night here for a while tonight. We're marking it by going to visit
someone. Well, she wouldn't stay home, would she? Why does the bus
driver have the radio tuned to Radio Shropshire? It seems a very odd
choice. At the moment, it's belting out 'Walk of Life' and at least
one passenger is whistling along to it. But why Radio Shropshire?
(makes note to find out how far away it is) It's been a fairly quiet
day today as month end processing/reporting has started. Next week
will be ovar busier, both inside and outside work. I've worked out why
this bus takes so long to get to the station. It's because it goes via
the oddly named suburb of Handbridge on its way to the City. Still,
I've only missed the train once on the days I've caught this bus. And
it is £1.08 cheaper than the service bus. Last Friday, by the way, was
the first time since getting my stored value card that I've caught a
bus here other than to and from work. While typing this, the driver
has failed to let passengers off at two separate stops. And that's it
for tonight. More later, perhaps. Those of you who want to see
pictures of Viv's forthcoming trip should add vivh to your
friends. You won't see many pictures here, as you probably already


Date:June 2nd, 2007 06:47 am (UTC)
Call me cynical, but I think you'll find that the bus driver knows perfectly well how to drive over speed bumps comfortably. What you've overlooked is the difference between his spring-mounted shock-absorbed chair and your iron bench, which is rivetted directly to the gearbox mountings.

By some strange coincidence, an hour or so later the cashier in a Harrogate petrol station was singing 'Walk of Life' at me while I entered my PIN.
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Date:June 2nd, 2007 08:42 am (UTC)
an hour or so later the cashier in a Harrogate petrol station was singing 'Walk of Life'
Perhaps he'd been listening to Radio Shropshire too? (Or perhaps the local stations aren't as local as they seem...)
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