Ian (ringbark) wrote,

Four seasons in one day

It's a glorious afternoon again, showing that you never can tell. The
day seems to have run reasonably smoothly, but I suppose I'll only
hear of any disasters once I get home. And maybe not even then! Still,
I don't think I need to turn up at the first meeting at 6.30. It's not
exactly a meeting, just a requirement to get an updated CRB. Most UK
readers will know what that is. It's a criminal records bureau
disclosure. I have before me just such a disclosure from September
2006 and a matching New Zealand Ministry of Justice criminal
conviction information letter. Both are very boring, which is just
what we want. After deciding whether I need to get them updated, there
will be an extraordinary meeting of the PCC, the church council. Of
course, some people will say that all our meetings are extraordinary,
which is probably not only true but also a cliché. Just for once, I
have my iPod with me, so as I travel to Chester, I have Bob for
company. He's currently singing Sad Eyed Lady of the Lowlands. All
being well, I should have a short time at home before I need to set
off again. In other news, Viv is well, or at least she was this
morning, but there was no net access at the hotel in Dijon. Not good,
but then again it does save money...
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