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Catch up on the last few days

Saturday. Fairly quiet day, as far as I remember. Sunday was quiet too. In this week's service, I took the part of Jesus in a dramatised reading of the feeding of the 5000. However, earlier in the service, Andrew R had produced a most dramatic illustration of what the miracle was! Starting with five small rolls and two fish (chocolate fish, a famous New Zealand delicacy), he cut them up into 50 parts and distributed them to us. We didn't get much, and there certainly weren't twelve baskets of leftovers.
jaq will want to know that a chocolate fish is cheap marshmallow in the shape of a fish, coated by thin chocolate.
Monday was busy day at work, followed by Christine's birthday party. Of David, Matthew and Christopher, only David expressed any interest in attending. As he was the only one who was likely to eat anything served anyway, we were happy to take just him. Gerry's daughter, Jennifer, looked after the other two while we car pooled with Gerry to go there. It was a very fine evening, with good food and good company. At our table, the company were Myles, Kathryn, Steve, Debbie, Viv and Ian.
Steve and Debbie made it known last night that they will be married next April!
Christine had a number of guests who have known her for many years. Because of our international moves, I am not sure that there will be anyone at my 50th birthday party who knew me when I was 4 or 9. I'm not even sure that there would be many even if I'd stayed put.
Today there was another BAINZ committee meeting, interrupting the rest of my day working on compliance with the newBasel Accord and completion of the new Quantitative Impact Survey.
dinner was fish and chips, with some Alfajor de Dulce de Leche for a snack afterwards. These are triangular chocolates, containing sweet biscuits and milk jam. They appear to be an Argentine delicacy, brought back from holiday by Ivonne.
Viv is watching The Fellowship of The Ring, which came out on video today.
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