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05:55 pm: Party In the Park
What a great day! I can't begin to estimate ow many were there, but I took hundreds of pounds. What was I doing? I'd appreciate those who know me not foaming at the mouth and falling over when I say that I was in charge of the bouncy castle for over three hours in the heat of the day. Not entirely my cup of tea, but hundreds of little people seemed to have a great time at 50 pence a time. There was only one session of five minuted that was a nightmare, when too many bigger kids had got n and were making it less than safe.
After three o'clock, I was relieved and went off for a bite to eat before waiting 40 minutes for a taxi to send Chris to his sleepover.
Popped into New Ferry to pay in a cheque (unsuccessfully) so will go off to Birkenhead later and try again.

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