Ian (ringbark) wrote,

Voice Post: Hot night in the city

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“It really is the warmest night that we've had so far this yr. Baking wherever you go. When we came in from going down to Birkenhead to go to the Bank, we found Matthew was baking some bread & that really didn't help the house get any cooler. So we baked some pies & that didn't help to get any cooler either. It's been sweltering here all night partly from the oven & partly from the sun. So now as it just approaches midnight, it's still very hot. The only cool place in the house is the bathroom & the bathroom really isn't the place you want to spend the night. So here we are baking and it's bed time, thinking of the warmest day that we had. A good day for the Party in the Park. A good day for us but still very very hot. Good night.”

Transcribed by: ringbark
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