Ian (ringbark) wrote,

The weekend starts here

As previously remarked, the weekend has already started for those in
privileged time zones. Now then, on Tuesday we did some sorting out at
home so that Viv wouldn't be too horrified by the state of the place.
Probably not enough, but still! She got extra value from the train
journey from Euston to Lime Street, afforded the opportunity to spend
an extra half-hour on board. We arrived back home at just about
eleven. After that, it's been pretty much business as usual, which
probably accounts for the lack of posts here. Last night, we printed
out a load of invitations for David's birthday party on 3rd July. Our
first born will be 18. Where did the years go? If you want an
invitation, give him a shout! You don't need an invitation to my
birthday party on June 30th, as it won't be that sort of event. If you
want to know what I'm doing, comment, email or phone and I'll let you
know as soon as I've decided.
More pressing news is that Matthew will be confirmed at St Andrew's
Church in Bebington on Sunday at 6.30pm. In the event that anyone
reading this who isn't already invited is able to come and support us
and him, you are more than welcome. There will be an afternoon party
in the Rectory garden for all the confirmation candidates and their
friends, starting about 3.30. After the service, it's time to come to
our place. Do I expect a crazy crowd of LJers at my place? No. A
handful of people from across the world praying for Matthew at home?
More likely.
It is, of course, wonderful to have Viv back at home. How could it be
otherwise? After 20 years we're pretty much used to each other but I
certainly don't take her for granted.
Ahem. I could carry on, but the audience would be rather small. On the
other hand, if I talk about the impending doom of 28 weeks of works in
and near Chester Station, will the audience be much larger? Yesterday
morning, there was a power failure on the line: no trains between
Birkenhead Central and Hooton. On a normal day, I'd put up with it,
but with an all day course, that was less good.
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