Ian (ringbark) wrote,

Rainy days and Mondays get me down

So if it's a rainy Monday, does it score double? Anyway, Saturday was
a pretty ordinary sort of day. The plan was to sort out the living
room for Sunday, but I'm sorry to say I was overcome and failed to do
enough to help. But it was a day when all five of us were doing
different things: Viv still helping to decorate the rectory, me
shopping for groceries, David at a farewell party for Kat, Matthew
shopping with Betty for a suit and Christopher off learning to sail
the stem seas. They've already got him as a new recruit... Some
tidying up in the evening and then a busy day on Sunday. The morning
service was a baptism of three babies as well as a regular morning
service. I must say that the reading and the consequent sermon seemed
unsuitable: as our curate said: a disembowelling and a beheading
hardly make for a dream sermon at a baptism. This surely needs to be
reviewed! Anyway, lunch followed. One of the older ladies in the
congregation had invited us to lunch a while back. And what a lovely
lunch it was, with a variety of fare to suit anybody, in any of the
three courses. Unfortunately, we couldn't stay for the whole
afternoon, as we had to be back for the pre-confirmation party, where
most of the 18 candidates were leaping about. A lot of the family and
friends went off elsewhere to drink tea or similar. And at 6.30 the
service started. It's the first time that +Keith has been with us for
a service, and one of the largest confirmation services of recent
years. What a magnificent celebration it was. Hymns and testimony,
confirmation, sermon and more praise. And then back home for cakes and
coffee and conversation. And that's the weekend. Today, a normal sort
of weekday, with rain. It's gone quite cold here again. On the other
hand, I think we shall have more summer.
On this train, quite inexplicably, there is a very strong smell of
mint sauce. Not just mint, but quite definitely mint sauce.
And that's all for now. On the face of it, 2000 characters seems like
plenty for an email LJ entry, but it isn't really!
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