Ian (ringbark) wrote,

More on Monday

On the bus into Chester, I got talking to the cashier from our
canteen. He wasn't always in that job: he spend years in Saudi Arabia
working for Aramco and many more years with Shell. So he has a few
more tales to tell than one might expect.
But now I'm just waitin for another train. It only seems a few minutes
since I got off one. Because it is only a few minutes since I got off
one. Before I blow a gasket, surely I need to take a break. But the
pace at work and the pace at home don't seem to allow it. And we're
just coming into birthday fortnight too. 22, 30, 3. And I'll be in
Oxford for Matthew's birthday while David will be in Leeds. A quiet
day at home for my birthday is starting to sound like a better and
better idea, but it'll never happen.
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