Ian (ringbark) wrote,

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“Once again the railway station. ___ time on my way to Oxford for a reunion weekend. The weather is very hot but very clammy. This is for the benefit of those who think the test sounds like a weather forecast when I record these messages. I think it will pour with rain soon & that ___ seems to be the view of all the commentators talking about the people at the festival. However by now, most of them will be clunk(?) or stoned or both. So, here we are, Bombra(?) station on the way to Liverpool, Stafford & Oxford. I should be there about 4:30 & at that time, I may or may not post again. It's Matthew's birthday today, so wish him a happy birthday. There they've taking him out to lunch at Frank, You & Benny. He should be there now but he's busy finishing a computer game & online, MMM3 game I believe. You're probably ___ & be in a good mood when they've takes him to lunch. That will be good. That's all for now. Be seeing you”

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