Ian (ringbark) wrote,

Another Sunday night

Look back, wonder where the days went...
Thursday morning, an early start, a Toastmasters meeting where I was not scheduled to speak, but gave a short impromptu speech on "watching television", something I don't do very much. Thursday was a busy day at work, interrupted by lunch with my friend Srdjan, who worked with me in Hastings. We reminisced about the old days and caught up with the news of what we are doing now, and will do so again in a few months. Nevertheless, it's a good thing to do.
Thursday night, David did not go to music practice, but to an open evening at school, where he was demonstrating some aspect of science, while Matthew was showing prospective newcomers round the school.
Friday was a very early start again, most discouragingly. Two five o'clock wakeups in a row is not a happy thing. I was running a telephone conference with our parent bank (Lloyds TSB) about the new survey. The time difference between the two lands means that we have to get up early while they stay late (or vice versa). It wasn't as long as previous conference calls have been, but I'm sure there will be more.
The weather was not so good on Friday, so the Friday lunch group convened at a very close place for lunch, Chicago to be precise. Something is wrong! I had a pizza while Richard had the all-day breakfast. It's usually the other way round.
Friday night, Viv at youth group, but an early night for me. We recorded Blue Heelers, back after a long break of netball, politics and Commonwealth Games walking all over its Friday night slot. We will watch it in a few minutes, when I have finished typing this.
We went to Wellington yesterday, visiting various types of emporium along the way, before getting to Reading Cinema Complex, which was rumoured falsely to have some of David's artwork on display. There was some Artsplash work on display, indeed there was some from Avalon, but if any of David's was there, we couldn't find it.
So to today - a normal sort of day. Judith's sermon was as fine a one as I have heard for a long time, but we were frustrated afterwards as we were rostered on tidying. There seemed no end to the washing up. Many more than usual seemed to have stayed, and that meant soup bowls, plates and cutlery a-plenty.
After a quiet afternoon, we went off to supermarket where we bought the groceries for most of the week and a hot chicken for tonight's tea.
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