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09:53 pm: Another rainy Monday
This didn't get posted correctly earlier:

I'll say more about the weekend later.
Today has been one of the most dismal days in living memory, being a cold and extremely yet day, which some have suggested has been the wettest June day for fifty years. I can believe it. This has led to a lack of cheerfulness at work, but not quite so bad as you might expect. The trim trail, which I use to jog sometimes, is closed by the flooding, but I think quite a lot of the rest of the city and country will have been affected too. So now it's off home, to have a got meal, prepare a service for next Sunday, update a couple of documents, find out where my facebook has gone, and then probably wash some dishes and go to bed. It's all go!

The railway round Hooton resembled a canal more than a railway, and as I arrived at Bromborough, the services were suspended and the doors locked. I hope it will be better in the morning. By now, the service is planned and most of the other things are sorted too.

Looking back at the LJ, I'm again surprised that most of the rest of last week has disappeared into a blank. I'll have to assume it was a quiet week except for work, and that is indeed the case.

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Date:June 26th, 2007 07:52 am (UTC)
Yet day, got meal. This predictive text (I'm guessing) is playing havoc with your writing. I hope you don't use it to compose your sermons.

If it's any consolation, the weather's been thoroughly awful here on the right side of the Pennines as well.
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