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05:12 pm: Busy week
Where was I? I think I'd told you about my birthday, and the film and
the curry. On Sunday morning, I was up at the front to lead the 9.30
service and seemed to have done it well enough. Viv reckons it's
someone quite different who leads and preaches and sometimes I think
she's right. I'll be over at Townfield to preach next weekend, it
seems. After the (disappointingly poorly attended) service in the
evening, Viv and I chose to go on to Eastham and walk back from there.
The weather was slightly kind to us as we did this. A normal sort of
workday on Monday, and a quiet evening as Viv wrestled with listening
to a very poor quality recording, followed by me watching the last in
a series of Strategic Trends presentations. By then it was bedtime.
Today dawned with my cold perhaps a little better, and the celebration
of David's 18th birthday. By the time everyone had risen and shone,
David had opened his presents and we had all had breakfast, a brisk
jog to the station was called for. A day here, and on the bus back to
the station in Chester. From there, it's on to the party party, which
hopefully will finish while it is still called today, for tomorrow is
another working day, with the monthly prayer meeting in the evening.
And at some point I will need to write a sermon lest the Townfield
folk should be disappointed. But for now, that's all, on a very clammy
and gloomy early evening in Chester. Still, it's not every day your
son turns 18, though for me of course there will be two other such
days: 22.06.2009 and 08.03.2012. Be seeing you!


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Date:July 3rd, 2007 10:30 pm (UTC)
-Viv reckons it's someone quite different who leads and preaches and sometimes I think
she's right.

Funny, I wrote about that a while back in my story, Breathing Space, how my Nick has a best friend who is a priest, and he finds something special, something kind of mystical and gifted, happens when AJ is on the altar!
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