Ian (ringbark) wrote,

Independence Day is only 26 days away

Straight after work yesterday it was off to the station and then on
the train to Bebington. From there it was a short walk up the hill to
Hesketh Hall, where Viv and Debbi were already well into sorting out
the food for David's party. A few people arrived on time and then an
ever larger group of people, though I was a little disappointed that
some people I might have expected to see there didn't make it.
Nevertheless, a great many were there, and in spite of his earlier
misgivings, David evidently had a great time, as did the rest of us.
Music, food, good friends. Apart from me, my cousin Linda was the only
person who had also been at my 18th. I look forward to seeing her at
my grandson's party in about 30 years time. Two gifts worthy of
remark: A shocking pink belt he was given by the youth group, to add
some colour to his usual attire, which would not look out of place in
the Johnny Cash/Hugh Cornwell fandom. A football, with the usual
pentagons and hexagons, but made out of chocolate. What birthday
present could be better than a football made out of chocolate with
your name on it in white icing? The night carried on, but not too
late, fortunately. Betty and Chris left earlier, meaning that the rest
of us and all the left over food would fit into one car.
As Chris had left early, he was able to take a message that my
godfather had phoned. I called him back at lunchtime today, to hear
the news that my uncle, my father's younger brother, had passed away
on Monday after another heart attack. I hadn't heard any news about
him, so it came as a shock, or at least as much of a shock as it can
be when you hear of the death of a man around 85. His funeral will be
next Thursday.
After telling me this, Margo was looking for brighter news, so I was
happy to tell her that I was now working in Chester and that David had
reached 18.
I believe I have a night of sermon writing ahead of me, for I don't
see another opportunity this week, and next week will be too late for

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