Ian (ringbark) wrote,

Thursday morning

These have been a very busy few days. On Sunday morning, I was at Townfield Church, preaching from St Mark's Gospel. As you know, I can't tell if my sermons are any good, but it seemed to be very well received by those who heard it.
In the evening, +Colin at St Andrew's which was very good too.
Monday evening looked set to be the only free one this week, and I am sorry to say I didn't use it constructively.
A long and rambling church council meeting on Tuesday evening, a church housegroup last night.
This morning, a later start than usual, as I have a day off work for my uncle's funeral. After a slow start, but still quite early, there was a chance to place an Asda order before I went off to get a haircut. Now home, taking a few minutes out to write this before I get changed and we set off.

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