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10:11 am: Thursday morning
These have been a very busy few days. On Sunday morning, I was at Townfield Church, preaching from St Mark's Gospel. As you know, I can't tell if my sermons are any good, but it seemed to be very well received by those who heard it.
In the evening, +Colin at St Andrew's which was very good too.
Monday evening looked set to be the only free one this week, and I am sorry to say I didn't use it constructively.
A long and rambling church council meeting on Tuesday evening, a church housegroup last night.
This morning, a later start than usual, as I have a day off work for my uncle's funeral. After a slow start, but still quite early, there was a chance to place an Asda order before I went off to get a haircut. Now home, taking a few minutes out to write this before I get changed and we set off.

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Date:July 15th, 2007 09:00 am (UTC)
So, do you do very serious sermons? Do you get any laughs? Do you enjoy it? Do you say the rest of the service too, or just get up to say the sermon? And does someone tell you what you need to talk about?
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Date:July 15th, 2007 11:56 am (UTC)
They are serious sermons, but they are not dry and drudge. I'm quite happy to tell funny stories in a sermon: they will brighten things up and make people remember more of what I'm saying - I hope!
Generally, we'll have someone say the service and someone else preach the sermon, so that when I'm working there I'll do one of the other. For example, on the first Sunday of this month I said the liturgy but someone else preached; next Sunday morning I'll be preaching again but Debbi will be leading the rest of the service.
Our church follows sermon series, so the parish priest will choose the theme, and the preachers will follow it. For example, we've just finished as series on 2 Samuel, where everyone preached from it in turn. But as to what each of us draws from the passage, that's up to us, though of course we will all generally keep to the theological view of our own parish.
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