Ian (ringbark) wrote,

Tuesday at Keswick

(looks back at LJ to see where "the story so far" ends...Thursday morning...oh no...)
I haven't written about Bryce's funeral yet? It was very good, as they go. First to the crematorium at Landican. These are always quite bleak. Landican has no purpose except as a chapel for funerals and a crematorium. Just about every funeral in Wirral will pass through there at some point, as it's the only one.
But then to Bryce's old church, where the place was packed with his friends from the church, from scouting, from U3A, from so many other places that knew and loved him.
It seeemed strange to be so near the front as a close family member when in fact we were not close at all. Those family members we did know quite well were friendly and welcoming, and we need to be in touch more. Many had not seen Viv since we were married: others, not even then. Nevertheless, I'm glad we went, and I hope that we can rebuild bridges that are in a state of horrible disrepair.
Back to work for a day on Friday, and then a 50th birthday birthday fo Jill in the evening. That was a good night. David discovered he doesn't like Carling, but I could have told him that. Good music, good company, lots of people we didn't know at all. A bit like Thursday, except that the music was quite different. Though Bryce (or Joyce, or someone else) had chosen "Lord of all hopefulness" for the funeral, one I want at my funeral too.
On to Saturday: off to Birkenhead and to get some pictures printed in Birkenhead. 2 out of 3 boys joined me, largely because there was an offer of lunch too. And in the evening to a disappointingly poorly attended quiz night to support the team going to Jordan.
Next up, Sunday. Usual service in the morning, but in the evening a farewell to our youth worker. Lots of memories of five years with Chris, and lots of cakes.
I feel I'm not doing justice to these things that deserve more of a write-up, but I'm such a slacker.
Yesterday morning, on the train to Liverpool/Wigan/Penrith and then the bus to Keswick. We walked around town and had a very nice Chinese before we went to the evening convention meeting. The story of Ruth, with Rico Tice, with worship by Steve James, who we chatted to briefly well after the meeting while on our way back to the hotel.
And then a peaceful night before rising this morning, and breakfast calling in a few minutes.

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