Ian (ringbark) wrote,

More from the lakes

More from the convention this morning and then we went off to the
world-famous pencil museum, which is much better than it sounds. A
walk up to Castlerigg Stone Circle later, which was still quite damp
after the storm overnight, but there are blue skies here now. Viv went
off to walk on the lake later, while I did some preparatory work on
next Sunday morning's sermon: Joseph's dreams.
But now we're in the main tent, where it is absolutely packed already,
as we wait for what we understand will be John Stott's last public
appearance. Even people who never arrive on time for anything have
been spotted here already! I guess that the overflow venues will be
doing a brisk trade tonight. But I guess the praise and worship will
start any time now, so I'll wrap up till later.

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