Ian (ringbark) wrote,

More from Keswick

Listening to John Stott speaking, it became apparent very quickly why he has been regarded as such a great speaker and writer for so many years. A clear message, laid out and structured so that anyone could understand it, supported by many scriptures throughout. How could anyone not be impressed by such a speaker?

And afterwards to the Red Fort for their set menu, which was also excellent, but in quite a different way, of course. Then yesterday to the Keswick Lecture, on the place of children in a grace community, followed by a talk from Exodus, followed by lunch with some of the speakers from the convention: Rico, Steve, John to name a few.

And in the afternoon, we took a boat across the lake and walked almost to the top of Catbells, which was a strenuous sort of walk, and resulted in very muddy clothing.

And in the evening, pizza followed by a talk on Jonah. Another fine evening. But now, a late breakfast...

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