Ian (ringbark) wrote,

Just a couple of things...

When natural disasters hit developing countries with arrogant leaders,
the western papers are often filled with comments to say that there is
emergency aid money freely available, but they won't ask for it. Now,
the disasters are affecting Britain, and our government has not yet
asked for the EU money that is set aside for just such events. What
exactly is going on here? I'm sure that my taxes pay into the fund, so
why won't anyone even apply for support?
Elsewhere, it seems that Facebook may take up at least as much time as
LJ, if not more. This can't be a good thing for my real life.
Bus fare systems are only good when people know how to use them. Top
up a stored value card, use it to pay for journeys. Easy? No, I want
to top up my card but the drivers don't know how to do it. It's not
hit crisis yet: five trips till I run out of credit, but it does show
I shouldn't wait till the last moment. Meanwhile, of course, Cheshire
County Council is benefiting from the interest on the cash I have used
already to load the card with credit. On the other hand, stored value
cards give me a 10% discount. Actually, it's more than that, because
some of the drivers haven't worked out how to debit the card either.
For Metro readers: when in a pub, Nemi still smokes. How can this be?
The rest of the cartoon is very clearly set in Britain. Or could it be
that Metro is using old cartoons. Hey, it could happen. And is there
something wrong when the 118118 cartoon advert is as good as the
proper cartoons on the page?
Blue skies for once, though it was drizzling when I got on the train.

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