Ian (ringbark) wrote,

Thursday already?

Monday: Same as other Mondays. At some point, the Basel project has shifted into top gear, and is hurtling down the highway at an alarming rate. In the evening, Viv at Toastmasters, scarcely anything else.
Tuesday: BAINZ committee meeting at lunchtime, Parish prayer meeting in the evening, with Viv at the school parents liaison committee and the boys at hockey practice.
Wednesday: A busy day if ever there was one. It was pouring with rain, but I still needed to get up to the Diocesan Office to pay my fees for meals for Diocesan Synod next month. In the evening, we were hosted to dinner at Masala Cafe, which offers fine Indian cuisine, before going to see The Pickle King at Downstage. Thank you to Deloitte and especially Richard for hosting the evening.
Thursday: Because of the show last night, I sent my apologies to this morning's Toastmasters meeting. As I got off the train this morning, I saw one of my work colleagues and after greeting him with "what's new?", he replied with "well, you tell me, you're the one who keeps a diary on the internet". Which is true, of course.
The rest of the day carried on much as one might expect, with work followed by taking David to music practice.
I'm sure there are enough links on this entry already.
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