Ian (ringbark) wrote,

Long God Yumi Stanap

If we were still in Vanuatu, I wouldn't be in work today, as it is the
27th anniversary of Independence Day. I would be at Independence Park
this morning, and then out on the water front later, and at the Hash
House Harriers family fun run later on. But in fact, I'm waiting
outside Chester Station on a reasonably warm and sunny Monday morning,
waiting for a bus to take me the rest of the way to work, because
companies here don't recognise Vanuatu Independence Day as a public
Over the weekend: Saturday once again started quietly, and in the
afternoon we went over to Liverpool to buy various things, including a
DS, a couple of games, some new glass tumblers, some fruit and a
couple of other things too, if I remember correctly.
The evening gave us an opportunity to meet the new Rector and his
family. It was a fine evening, with most of the church council there,
though I do prefer a buffet of all sorts of food rather than a dessert
He spoke for a few minutes about his family and his history and
outlined some possibilities for what might happen in Bebington. And
quite soon, the evening was at an end.
So to Sunday morning: Debbi leading the service perfectly well, and me
asked to help with road crossing duty, which I presumably did well as
there were no fatalities, not even any injuries or accidents. Lunch at
Betty's place, followed by a flurry of excitement as we prepared the
service I was to lead in the evening. A simple service, led reasonably
well. Could do better: could certainly do worse! And after an uneven
sort of evening, that brings us to a sunny Independence Day morning.

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