Ian (ringbark) wrote,

Good evening...

We've had a beautiful day today, despite the naysayers early in the
month who said we would have but one day of summer this year. Blue
skies, a little cloud, light breeze: in fact, exactly the weather I
always claim when people ask what the weather's like. Years ago,
people from our Glasgow and Edinburgh offices would call me, and often
they would ask what our weather was like. After a while, it dawned on
of why: their weather was so lousy that they wanted to hear we were
having bad weather too. So I introduced the good weather lie, always
claiming blue skies and a light breeze. This subterfuge worked for
years, until one day there was a storm outside and someone else from a
Scottish office at a nearby desk, who overheard me. The game was up,
but it was fun while it lasted. I continued with it, but was often
challenged after that with 'what's it really like?'
All of which is to say we are having a genuinely fine day. Don't know
what it's like in Scotland...maybe Meg can tell me.

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