Ian (ringbark) wrote,

Wednesday night...already?

A cool weekend: we went shopping in Birkenhead, and bought various things we needed, including a load of clothes shopping. That seems such a long time ago.
On Sunday, we set off early, as we were welcoming both our old and new mission partners: David and Rachel, currently based in Kenya but about to go off to Melbourne, and Tim and Gertrude, currently based in London and about to go to Kenya. And after that, a shared lunch to hear more from them, about the past and the future.
And then to put the hall back to rights before going home and back for another service. Monday I couldn't get motivated, but managed to get some bits done. Tuesday was the day to leave!
About lunchtime to the station, then to Moorfields, Liverpool South Parkway and Liverpool Airport. Lunch, then checkin, then sitting in the exec lounge till it was time to fly. No comments at all about the flight: very ordinary, no delays, no complaints.
From there, into Barcelona Airport. I was surprised by how little it seemed "foreign", but as soon as we stepped out into the street, that changed and we were clearly not in Inglaterra any more.
A train, two metros and the discovery that we were at the mercy of Spanish Rail Replacement Buses. They are, however, much more reliable and predictable than Merseyrail's RRBs.
Then to the hotel, a fine and tall place and after a short break, out into the night for a quick bite to eat. It wasn't fine cuisine, but it was perfectly edible KFC equivalent.

This morning, we set off walking into town, and soon got to the Sagrada Familia. It seems to me that you would be better off reading Viv's narrative, because she is better at narrative and has some pictures too. But soon after that, 18 spires or thereabouts and quite striking, we went off and had some lunch. My first experience of genuine Spanish paella was a good one. Another monument, the Palau de Musica, was completely closed and completely covered in scaffolding. Thence to the cathedral, also under repair, with a massive banner for Banco Santander obscuring the whole of the front elevation. They are desperate, obviously, pleading for people to sponsor a stone there. How can a cathedral be so much in need of repair?

Then back to here, to the hotel pool, as the weather had brightened up. And this evening to Diagonal Mar itself, where the boys had lunch at some place with arches, while we ate at a very acceptable Mexican place, which offered all that you could hope for, and margaritas too.

And now, we're back at the hotel, and it's pretty late. Goodnight, all!
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