Ian (ringbark) wrote,

Give up on the weekend

Every weekend is sounding pretty much the same. You know the story by now: struggle get up, then it's curry for lunch, Viv goes out in the evening, we record Blue Heelers, hockey on Saturday morning, tidying/shopping/slacking on Saturday, church followed by lunch on Sunday with various members of the family participating in readings or drama and then a quiet Sunday evening. Maybe I could save this and cut and paste it each week.

For the rest of the week, the line up is slightly different to the usual: Monday night, Viv out at Toastmasters (chairing this week's meeting) Tuesday, a Banker's Institute lunchtime meeting and a Parish Vestry meeting in the evening (an example of serving God and Mammon in the same day), Wednesday will be the Avalon Roadshow's presentation to the local community, Thursday night will be the National Bank's annual quiz night in support of Daffodil Day, the major annual event for the Cancer Society by which time it will almost be the weekend again.

In other news, Viv was called by Christopher's principal (Stokes Valley) today to say that his name has been put forward for a special programme being run by one of the local schools.
In other news, Viv was called by Matthew's principal (Avalon Intermediate) today to say that his name has been put forward for a special programme being run by one of the local schools.
So let's see what happens...apparently around two hundred are nominated for about thirty places.

Clarrie Gibbons newsagents, the finest little newsagent in all of Wellington, is up for sale. (Pity about their website.) So where will I buy my Unlimited from if he sells? Or liquorice, peppermints, other magazines... Or even cigars (not that I have ever bought cigars there, not being even the slightest part a smoker, although I have recommended the shop to several who are...if they must smoke them, at least they should support a local trader rather than a big corporation)
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