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Back for more than a week

Uneventful flight last Wednesday, followed by picking up some bread
and milk and running a meeting in the evening. Thursday to collect
David's AS results, and a welcome back to him on Friday, a day I also
gave blood again. While Viv was out on Saturday baby-sitting, I wrote
the sermon I was going to give on Sunday night. Then led a service in
the morning and preached in the evening. Monday was back to work day
and it's been a busy week at work and at home, but at least we have
seen some sun. Last night a load of people from our church housegroup
to drink beer and wine and play boardgames. Once again Flutter was the
game of choice, this time with an extraordinary nine participants. And
that brings us (very briefly and with lots missed out) up to date.
Today Matthew got his GCSE results. If he drinks a beer for each A, he
won't be able to stand up. Home tonight, to coin a phrase, and the
joys of placing an Asda order, if I'm not in error. And the Liverpool
loop line is closed again, so who knows whether a train will turn up.
And as I type these words, it comes into sight, of course.
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