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07:35 am: Good morning
Good morning! After evening-meal and Asda order, it was a Morse
episode, the one about the conversion of St Augustine. Pretty soon
after that, washing the dishes from the salmon steaks and going to
bed. And up in the morning, the last day before a long weekend. I've
never understood the purpose of the August Bank Holiday, though I have
nothing against it, of course. It's not to celebrate anything. Maybe
it's just that planners said 'it's too long without a break from the
end of May to Christmas. And they're right, of course. But isn't there
a historic or current event we could celebrate?

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Date:August 29th, 2007 02:31 am (UTC)

email probs

I've been havin e-mail and general troubles of all sorts since my machine was worked over by an incompetent tech. louderback@livejournal.com should work. louderback@louderbacks.com should be more direct. klouderback@gmail.com is my failsafe/fallback mail.
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