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It was twenty years ago today...

After the excitement of the Saturday shopping, it was on to Sunday.
Our new rector Philip is preaching at almost every service at the
moment, as we get to know him. But no objections to that. The rest of
Sunday was pretty quiet. We had planned to pay a cheque into the bank
on Saturday, but the weather wasn't kind to us, so we did that on
Sunday instead.
A workday as usual on Monday. In fact the whole week is like that.
Anyway, in the evening it was the Deanery Synod meeting, at our
church, St Andrew's Bebington. +Keith, the new Bishop of Birkenhead,
spoke to us, giving his impressions of his first six months in the
Last night, another institution service. Debbi and I went to St
Andrew's West Kirby to see Fr David instituted. The speaker was again
+Keith, but apart from that and the names of the churches, there was
not much in common. The churchmanship of the two places is very
different indeed. But the service was very good and again a clear
message that the church should not have bystanders, but all members
should be involved fully. Refreshments after the service: cheese and
wine in abundance - something else the Catholic tradition does much
better than my lot. Paul, who I met on Monday at Synod, seemed to have
the whole of that under control. It was exactly twenty years since Viv
and I had gone to West Kirby the night before our wedding, taking some
friends to the Pancake Kitchen of fond memory. It's long gone, but I
recall good times there. I don't think I have been there at all in the
intervening 20 years, so the date of the service was an extraordinary
coincidence. Today of course is a day to celebrate: I wouldn't want to
have spent the last 20 years with anyone else and I look forward to
many more. Tonight, we'll be going to the Mission prayer meeting:
doing the things we usually do is important. And after that, out for a
meal together: celebration is important too.
Finally, don't forget that today is International Talk Like A Pirate Day. Arrr!
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