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The weekend starts here

In times past, my weekend was starting just as jaq went off to work on
a Friday, but then I moved and for a while we agreed about when the
weekend started. But now once again I've finished for the week and
he'll have several hours still to go. I suppose if I ever went to live
in New England, he'd head straight for Hawaii. That is all.
Maybe not quite all. lj ate last night's post, though it may have
arrived by now. The masked ball for J's 40th is tonight. The chap
opposite me on the train is drinking red coloured vodka straight from
the bottle and looks like he's been doing it for a while. His feet are
resting quite comfortably on the seat, a crime which Merseyrail seems
to view as twice as bad as smoking. He won't actually be fined,
because as soon as a railwayman comes into view, he'll put his feet on
the floor for a minute. Also in the carriage is someone using a Vaio
laptop. It's rare to see a laptop in use on tip train. No idea if it's
in use for business or pleasure: can't see the screen.
The drinker has just got off the train at Hooton.
After a shocker of a morning, the sun is now shining brightly. Should
be a good evening for weather. As for the party, who knows? Could be
great, could be abominable. Wait and see...
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