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Outlook for Thursday

Good morning! Looking back, it seems to have been fairly quiet, but
I'm not sure that's quite true. And winter is undoubtedly just around
the corner. Can spring be far behind? It looks bright enough once the
sun rises, but it's still cold.
At home, we're still suffering from the loss of the front door, but
for now the back door is just fine. It is now just a matter of time
till the front door is replaced.
In other news, church activity continues unabated, work activity and
social activity the same. Viv is off baby-sitting overnight tonight
and away at the annual church ladies weekend after that. On Saturday,
it's the last in a series of prayer meetings for our friends now back
from Tanzania, though there are many more topics needing our prayer,
of course.
There always seem to be lots of things to write about here today, but
once I put thumb to keyboard, the ideas seem to evaporate like the
morning dew, so I end up writing about my routine, which isn't so
exciting to read because it is routine! Maybe I need to put in more
book or movie reviews or something. Or is it just time to stop, to say
LJ is dying, back up six years of rambling and go somewhere else,
possibly not even online? Or will I feel better after a good night's
And why exactly are there so many vapour trails in the skies over
Chester this morning?
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