Ian (ringbark) wrote,

On exercise

In the Hutt Valley, we didn't do so much: as the name suggests, it was
very hilly, and the last couple of hundred metres up to our house was
very steep, especially if you'd been out a while. But now we're
somewhere flatter and also don't have a car, we're walking a lot
further and a lot faster. The walk to the station, previously 13
minutes, is now down to 9, less in emergencies! This reflection is
brought on by hearing 'the first time I see a logger smiling, I'll
consider it' - but we do enjoy it, just generally afterwards. I
remember jogging up Rangitoto with the HHH and wondering aloud 'why do
we do this?' and the jogger in front turning round and snarling
facetiously 'because we enjoy it!' But she was right. The only other
thing that baffles me is the quite widely held view that in order to
'count', exercise must be useless. So using a stepping machine in the
gym is ok, but they would never use the staircase. Jogging on a track
or from home back to home will be exercise, but walking across town
doesn't count for anything. I disagree: stairs, feet, real journeys
are real exercise, and far more rewarding because there's some sort of
event once you get there. There's also the car owner: they can't
understand why we might ever want to walk somewhere and will offer to
drive well out of their way to give us a lift. A freezing cold,
winter's night with lashing rain? They're probably right. But a warm
summer's evening as the sun sets? Why wouldn't you walk?
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