Ian (ringbark) wrote,

Sunday lunch

After Fiji's famous victory last night, what next? Not much for them,
that's for sure, as I don't think the Springboks will give them much
of a chance. But for me, a late night, unfortunately. At midnight our
house had a population of 2. But David came home shortly after that,
and we talked about movies and driving and other stuff. I remember
having my best conversations in the middle of the night, but I'm
getting too old for that lark now.
This morning, breakfast arrangement was fine right up to the bit where
the coco pops packet jumped off the top of the cupboard and onto the
floor. And after I'd been reading about angels catching falling bodies
too! After that, a lift to church and a lovely service. My former
Bible class leader was preaching. It must be about 23 years since I
last heard her, but much of what she taught all those years ago has
stayed me: both the principles and quite a lot of the detail too. But
that's a reflection for another day. Now, it's off to lunch at my
mother-in-law's house with the boys. I count myself very lucky to have
a mil who I get on with. Neither Viv nor I have ever been of the view,
apparently all too common of 'with your parents? but we did that a
year ago...' and I am VERY grateful for that.
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