Ian (ringbark) wrote,

Tuesday Heartbreak

Not a real heartbreak, just a song with Tuesday in the title.
Another day at work yesterday, with a trip to Liverpool at the end of
it. It was raining as I left Chester, but the first part of the
journey was brightened by meeting a Reader from church and her
brother, who had been shopping and sightseeing in Chester. Then on to
Liverpool, to confirm an identity for someone for Thawte, something I
have now done fifteen times, though this is the first time since
leaving New Zealand. As ever, Merseyrail made the journey more
difficult than it should have been.
By the time I was home and evening meal was over, it was after 9!
Where do the days go?
Chris was up stupidly early this morning to go off on a school
activity, but I left at the usual time, still earlier than I would
choose. But at least it's light now, and dry.
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