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It can only get worse

Yesterday afternoon we heard news of the death of Danny, a university
friend of Viv and trustee of a charity we support. I had spoken to him
not long ago about web sites for the charity. So anything further in
this post will be less, as most of the material I post here does not
relate to life and death.
The weather, for example. Travelling to our monthly meeting, the rain
got heavier and heavier, which wasn't too bad till half-way up Ellens
Lane, at which soing my coat decided to abandon any pretence at being
waterproof. It was, however, worth going, and we were grateful for a
lift home, after which Debbi, David, Viv and I discussed many things,
some related to the past, present and future of the Anglican Church,
some not.
Tonight really will be the last free night for a while, as we have the
Fiesta Latina tomorrow, followed by a weekend, then a Readers meeting,
people to evening meal, a Bible study, more people to evening meal, a
book launch (which I may well skip) and another weekend, followed by
The Police playing in Manchester to start the following week. No, I
have no idea why we do all this stuff. Oh, and we have an Argentian
guy staying with us tomorrow night, so we need to tidy up and sort out
accommodation for him. But it's only a short stay: he has to be on the
road at 7 o'clock on Saturday, which means no late sleeping for us
either. But that's ok, because we're helping out at a cake sale on
Saturday morning.
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