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Outside Tokyo

Somewhere outside Tokyo invented time. Someone in a factory invented
time. If people wanted proof to carry no they'd like to buy one.
Time is running for me this week. Fortunately, we have a cancellation
tomorrow so it won't be quite so hectic, but still quite hectic
enough, I think you'll find. Winter approaches surely, as I set off at
7pm and it's already dark beyond question.
Just like the Hutt Valley: I caught this snatch of conversation
tonight... 'and they used her house to grow weed! they had the lights
and everything'
Anyway, it's been a funny old weekend. Personally, I think it was the
biased referee. But it would seem like sour grapes to go on about it.
Four more years, guys. And at least there is guaranteed to be a
Southern Hemisphere team in the final. It's just that there won't be
four of them in the semis.
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