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Well someone told me yesterday...

After work on Friday, I went off to Manchester for the launch of CP
Lee's book 'When we were thin', the story of the Albertos. But that
wasn't the whole story: it was also likely that some Smirks would also
be in attendance, and so it proved to be. An opportunity to catch up
with Mog and also with John was not something to turn down. I also met
up with 'Joe 90', or whatever he cares to call himself these days. I
also went off to the pub with him and his wife afterwards. He said "we
were there earlier and had to go inside because it was so smoky
outside" and it was still like that. A good night, and I'm glad I
went. Saturday was a fairly slow day, though we did go to Birkenhead
to buy boots for Chris, before buying some groceries and going home to
watch the game. Rather surprisingly, England ended up beating France.
But then it was time to turn in before Sunday morning, when the usual
two services would be separated by lunch. For once, I cooked it, and
it was very good. And it would have been even better if I had cooked
We now know that England will be playing South Africa in the final,
and will need to do better than their pointless 36 point loss in the
first round.
Tonight, Viv and I should have been off to Manchester again to see
'The Police', but Sting has cancelled the show as a result of a throat
infection. On top of the other cancellation news: that 'Smirkology'
might not be released after all, it's been a bit of a disappointment,
but the sun is still shining. And it makes for a less busy week.
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