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Empty trains, empty letterboxes

Was wondering why the 17.45 out of Chester keeps being so empty these
days. Then it occurred to me that it may be because there are not
nearly so many tourists to Chester as the weather fails, while daytime
shoppers are likely to start heading for home a little earlier. And
there won't be so many people getting on at Bache, as the attractions
of a zoo with preschoolers are much less when it is cold and wet. So
that leaves more room for commuters. And nobody knows what I am
typing, so I am free to mention that some top grade flirting is going
on nearby. It's amusing banter and hand holding, something to brighten
up an otherwise dull and tedious journey, disadvantaged by there being
no 'Economist' to read. And the only post to have arrived yesterday is
a bill I had already paid. Obviously the end of the Royal Mail is
nigh, if they don't settle soon. Many companies will make alternative
arrangements, just like 1971. And once the postal dispute is over,
there's no guarantee that they will in back to using the mail.
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