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It amazes me that every morning, a bus pulls into Chester Station as a
driver starts his break, and every day passengers try to board, even
though the real bus is only a moment behind. This morning, he let
them, so the real bus, which has just left, is almost empty. When they
set off, after waiting 20 more minutes, their bus will be slow and
crowded. And most of there people are regular travellers, who should
know by now that the bus arriving at 7.18 or so isn't for them.
Last night, a buffet and books evening with a group of about 30 from
the church. I suppose it was a reasonable evening, but the books there
weren't really Viv's or my sort of thing.
As I type these words, it's starting to get light. Not to say it was
actually dark when I started. Good morning, England. Goodnight, New
Zealand. And don't forget that midnight in Moscow is lunchtime in LA.
Speaking of lunchtime in LA, or at least California, who wants to go
to the Blue Bayou?
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