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Monday lunchtime

Where does the time go?
Saturday was a very quiet day. According to my calendar, it was the festival of the Immaculate Conception, not one we generally celebrate.
The day got off to a very slow start, partly because Viv was still recovering from her epic trip to Leeds. I finally updated the sermons at http://baptism.co.nz/sermons.html to add the two most recent items (Matt 9 and 2Tim 4) to the site.
Later on, Viv and I set off to Asda to buy a couple of things, and also saw a fluffy dressing gown that will become a Christmas present.
It was cold, so we called in at McD for a drink and a quick snack. The end of civilisation is nigh: I will never need cash again.

(some time before the end of 1997)
Ian: If McDonald's took American Express, I'd never need cash again.
Richard: That's the saddest thing I ever heard.

It rained more than somewhat on Saturday night, but Betty gave us a lift to church on Sunday morning. The 9:30 service was an inspiring one, with Philip preaching, but for once I couldn't face staying for the Family Service, the annual Toy Service.
So instead, I came home, noting carefully the tide by Ellens Lane bridge, which needed timing to avoid the cars driving through and the resultant waves.

Lunch followed watching the three remaining Gormsby episodes which have finally made it online. And when it becomes available as a DVD, I'll buy it in an instant.

Then Viv watched Boy A on the television, while I didn't. She was also putting together some new websites. All too soon, it was time to brave the elements again and set off for the evening service. That was a good one too, with Steve B preaching this time, and then back home for cups of tea or coffee as appropriate, before Viv watched Gormsby and we all staggered to bed too late.

This morning, it's been surprisingly bright and cheery, as I went into Bebington with Viv and have done a load of dishwashing and a bit of tidying up. Next event will be changing some light bulbs that are no longer doing their job.
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