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This changes *everything* - Yoda

It's been a funny old week so far. What has happened?
Monday afternoon was quietish before I went out to help run the "Growing Leaders" course. That was a very interesting thing to go along to, and I hope that I can continue to be a part of it.
Tuesday was more of the same, not doing a great deal of stuff, as things were still in some doubt, and this continuous doubt is the major part of why there hasn't been much here. But on Tuesday (it was Tuesday, I think) sheaj34 came round for coffee and mince pies with vivh and me. Well, she brought them while Viv and I ate them.
Later on I told Matthew that according to simple subtraction, it seemed that Viv had eaten four mince pies. You could tell he was astounded: I discovered that in his mind "mince pie" brings to mind Mrs Mac rather than Mr Kipling. We set that straight and it didn't seem so bad after that.
Wednesday was quite unusual. I had some things to sort out in Birkenhead, so I went into town. On the train, I found a file of confidential material left there by a civil servant. Obviously I had the choices of ignoring, returning it or getting in touch with the local media. So I gave the Liverpool Echo a call. So I had a look to see who it belonged to, contacted the owner and arranged to return it. The grateful phone call I received later was good enough. "Virtue is its own reward..." There's dodgy propaganda for you. After that, it was almost time for what was frankly the worst Risk Management web seminar I have ever attended, and soon after that it was time for the church's monthly prayer meeting.
I'll catch up with Thursday and Friday later.
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