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10:04 pm: Wednesday night
Once I got to work, it was a good day. Up at a decent hour after a
good night's sleep, then another fine breakfast before zipping out of
the hotel just before 8. No mistake with getting the wrong train
today, oh no! But once we got close to Marble Arch it was a different
story. Problem with the doors, described as minor. The biggest
surprise is always the lack of rampaging passengers. Anyway, after 25
minutes our train was taken out of service, with trains following
behind one a minute or so, all completely full. I successfully caught
the third one.
A quiet day at the office, as many of them went off to a Christmas
event, leaving me in peace to read documents relating to the new job
and learn some things from a colleague who is leaving. Then after work
it was off to the PRMIA meeting I mentioned yesterday. Since I last
went to one, ISDA offices have moved from One New Change to One
Bishop's Square. As I only remembered the ONE, I was a bit confused
and was thinking 'I'm sure this isn't the place' but it was. It's also
only about a minute from my office, so I was a bit early for it, and
used some of the time on the phone to Viv. The seminar was a good one,
confirming much of what we believed the Americans thought about Basel
II, which you probably don't want to read about. Afterwards, drinks
and snacks, the opportunity to catch up with some different people
from my bank and some others I met at a previous seminar. And now I'm
on my way back to Olympia. TFL have pulled the same stunt as last
night, but tonight I managed to get off at Earl's Court: no Chelsea
fans tonight. But that's about it from me for tonight. A coffee and
off to bed, I think.

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Date:December 13th, 2007 09:01 am (UTC)


"zipping out of the hotel just before 8" sounds much more civilised than when you had to leave earlier to catch the train to Chester! Just a shame about the longer journey at the start and end of the week!
You have also missed out on yet another frost covered morning here, where the olympic sport this morning was car scraping. Well, at least it would have been if Ben hadn't been off sick from school! So, I didn't have to venture out in the cold.
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