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Another exciting day

Another quiet start, with the same procedures as the last days. I was
out of the hotel room before I realised I hadn't shaved, so it was
back to the room for that. But then it was off to the office. I am
wondering whether the Circle Line might be a better bet than changing
onto the Central Line. I'll have to think about that one. Anyway, just
grabbed a sandwich from the café downstairs at lunchtime. After work,
wondered about getting a train seat reservation tomorrow night. Silly
me. But I did pick up a bagel from Ixxy's for an evening meal, before
heading off to Leicester Square. I went to see Ratatouille (sp?) as it
has received some good notices and was starting pretty much straight
away. I could have seen anything, and I guess I'll see a lot of movies
in the next months. But £12.15 to see a movie? That's $25 for the
sterling-ignorant! But it wasn't too bad, and the journey back hasn't
been bad either. It didn't affect me, but a Piccadilly Line train for
Rayners Lane suddenly became Heathrow-bound. Does this sort of thing
happen a lot? Now at Olympia. Coffee and sleep call!
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