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I'm on the train...

I left the office about 4.30 to give myself time to get up to Euston,
which was no problem. Straight up the line to Euston Square and that's
it. 300m to Euston Station itself. Another bagel for tea and straight
onto the 17.21. Spent the journey building a spreadsheet analysing
travel and reading the HHH annual review. Then on the local train.
There were a fair few nutters on the train at Chester, but Viv tells
me there were far more at Hooton, where she met me. Home and a quiet
evening. Saturday. I took a while to get going. In the end, we went
off to Birkenhead to pick up a pair of shoes and some other bits and
pieces before going off to Libby's place for a bit of a Christmas do.
Magnificent food: choice of soup, choice of lasagne, choice of
dessert, and then a load of us played 'Ratrace', a board game I hadn't
played for maybe nearly 30 years. And I still won it! Pretty soon
after that it was time to go to a local am dram pantomime, which was
rather disappointing.
Sunday morning. Off to church for the next part of an Isaiah series.
Then we went to the Sunday School end of term party for a moment or
two, but ended up being there a touch longer. When there's food, why
not? Home for a bit of a laze before back early to get a seat for the
carol service. Our carol service is always packed out. For the third
year, Viv was singing in the choir and I wasn't. For good or ill, this
is the service that will be remembered as the time the Rector's wife
slipped and fell and nearly broke her ankle and the Rector had to go
back to the Rectory to fetch the right sermon. To bed too late for
someone who needs to be up at 05.15.
But I did get up not long after that, do all that was needed, have a
coffee and a piece of toast and make it out into the cold and frosty
morning on time, which was more than the trains could manage. So now
I'm on the train into London, like I said in the subject line. In a
moment, I'll find out if there is any cell phone service out here in
the wilds of Cheshire or north Staffordshire.
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