Ian (ringbark) wrote,

I'm in the hotel

After arrival at Euston, it was off to Liverpool Street, as previously mentioned. It's been a stupendously busy couple of days, as I have completed the first body of work required before the deadline. The deadline was five o'clock today, which the Basel Committee would describe as "realistic but challenging". Minh and I finished the work at about a quarter to five.
But Monday was a busy day, without a doubt. Learning new systems and new ways of doing things, which are similar to but no the same as the way they have been done elsewhere.
Anyway, Holland Park is the place of choice this week, a hotel less inspiring than the one from last week, but still pretty good. And it's just straight along the Central Line, for good or ill.
Last night I took a trip along the road to Shepherd's Bush and dined on KFC, to my shame. Then off to Euston to check on trains for this weekend and then on to St Pancras to find out about trains if I should need to travel next week.
As it turns out, it's most unlikely that I will be needed at work next week, so the epic journey to London without Virgin Trains on the WCML will be averted.
Breakfast at an early hour, then off to work again. Solid work, except for a break for lunch and another break to have my picture taken.
More later.
I spoke to Vodafone at Liverpool Street last night and so I now have the magic of the internet through a mobile line, so I should be able to take more of an interest in LJ life again. It's not ideal posting from a phone and not being able to read anyone else's LJ. Even less ideal is shelling out £15 ( NZ$40 ) per night of web surfing, especially on nights I'm out till late. But the package I've signed up for should be well able to keep me out of mischief for far less money than that.
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