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Half way through the week

Just after I posted the last entry, John gave me a call and we arranged to meet at Notting Hill Gate station for a meal and a talk about what he was doing and what we needed to do.
We ended up at the Mexican restaurant just up from the station, on the corner. Mexicali or something like it. We had a mixed starter, burritos for the main and washed it down with orange juice, water and tea (John) and coffee (me).
Then John took me on a tour of the sights of the Notting Hill/Kensington area before we ended up back at the hotel, where I made John some tea and he was coerced into checking some websites before Viv publishes them.
Then after John had gone, I talked to Viv about the evening before clambering in to bed at a late hour.
This morning was reasonably straightforward, as it should have been, as I picked out the usual things for breakfast. The Central Line later was just as you might expect.
Just before lunch I popped out to try to open a business bank account. Remember the old days when you could open an account without a raft of documentation to prove that their assumption that you are a money launderer is in fact unfounded? Hmmmm.
There were some data issues at work today, resulting in it being a later night than the others have been so far. I got to Liverpool Street just before seven, and was queueing for a bagel at Ixxy's and pretending that the person behind the counter was competent. I gave up and got myself a baguette instead.
And all the time, the PA system was calling for Inspector Sands to come to the West Mall Retail. Eventually, I wandered down to the platform and ate my baguette, before getting on a train back to Holland Park. And here I am, finishing off an evening reasonably early for once.
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