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07:18 pm: Earthquake in Gisborne
Came back from work tonight to see the news that there has been a major quake in Gisborne - 6.8 sounds like a pretty big one. See http://stuff.co.nz/4331477a10.html for more.

The day at work was another exciting one, for reasons which won't seem exciting at all to anyone outside the business.
People were promoting Managing Risk in Extreme Environments, written by one of the people here. It looks to be a very interesting volume, suitable for people who want to kn ow about risk from a non-financial point of view. If you want it, here is the link: Managing Risk

The Central Line provided a little excitement on the way home, but compared with sometimes, it was as nothing. And now it's hotel time again, and checking a couple of websites before the end of the evening.

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