Ian (ringbark) wrote,

Nuneaton Station

Up early this morning, packing soon after that. Well, more just throwing stuff into a suitcase if I'm honest about it.
Then it was down for another breakfast. Last night I finally gave up and had something to eat at the café at the hotel - pastrami on rye with wedges and salad, supported by orange juice and a snack tray of peanuts. Very good it was too, especially as a sanity device.
Another busy day at the office today: I can't believe it will stay like this, but it's quite inspirational there at the moment. It's what Dilbert would call "a steep learning curve" and that's a fair description. Previously, it was all about the theory of the new Basel Accord: this work is all about the practice.
But the team went over to Premier Place at lunchtime and I shot through at just before half past four.
And now, here I am, enjoying Virgin's finest service and Vodafone's broadband internet service. That's cool! Internet access on a train, the stuff of dreams.
Though obviously if you visit the sites that are the stuff of dreams, you run the risk of arrest under public disorder offences. Your dreams may vary.
And of course it's so much easier than using the keyboard on a phone.
That is all.
I should be at Chester Station in just over an hour, home pretty soon after that. If lucky, I'll catch the 19:45 and be home about a quarter past eight; if unlucky, it will be the 20:15. Time will tell.
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