Ian (ringbark) wrote,

Another Saturday night

As it turned out, I was able to catch the 19:45. Viv met me somewhere on the road between the station and home. We went to bed early.
We got up early too, and went to Birkenhead for the next step of opening a business bank account. There's far too much security theatre involved in this process these days: things which might put off a casual wannabe money-launderer but not a determined professional. Then it was Marks and Spencer (massive queue), W H Smith (massive queue), Thorntons (fair sized queue), O2 (smallish queue) before we parted company as Viv went off to sing and I met up with David to take stuff home.
Off to a friend's place this afternoon for a present swap, then back home for curry. If you're in the area, http://www.tuktukexpress.co.uk/ are still delivering, and the discount code XMAS2007 will get you 20% off...
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