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Christmas Day Evening

Good evening, all.
Matthew and I set off to Townfield in time to meet Viv at the end of the service. By all accounts, it was a good service.
We wandered along the road to the Wellington, where we had a beverage and some snacks. But it was still early, so we wandered up to the Three Stags, partly to show Matthew the way to walk home (for the trains would have stopped running by then) and partly to fill in more time. But the Stags had a massive queue outside, so we walked back to the Rose & Crown. In there, we saw Rob and Julia. Church people in the pub on Christmas Eve? Outrageous!
Soon after that, the ten o'clock communion and the 11:30 celebration of Christ's birth. After that, we were fortunate to get a lift home, and had a coffee and washed some dishes before going to bed. Yes, it's Christmas, but why break the LJ habit of the year?
Up at about 7:30, for breakfast and the opening of some little gifts, and breakfast.
While we were having breakfast, Betty called to say she would be going to church this morning, so she gave the boys a lift while the two of us walked there.
A short family service, then communion, then a lift home.
The opening of gifts as usual. A couple of books, CDs, DVDs, a punch fountain and a chocolate fountain, a pillow, chocolates, wine, calendars. Obviously, I will have missed out a major gift I appreciated, and on reading this Viv will say "But why didn't you mention...?"
A much appreciated Christmas lunch, a relaxed afternoon. We played a game of "Flutter", Betty went home, I made up some Pimms No 3 in the new fountain. Now some people are half watching CSI, doing jigsaws, playing computer games...a quiet evening, quite unlike the Christmas evenings of my youth.
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