Ian (ringbark) wrote,

The difficult week between Christmas and New Year

We surfaced rather late on Boxing Day, but managed to get the day going in time for lunch at Betty's at one o'clock. Most of the rest of the year, it seems that people try not to have the same meal two days in a row, but that isn't the case at Christmas. Turkey and all the stuff again. Also, party hats, crackers with bad jokes.
Then, just as the boys were about to go, I suggested a game of cards... sorry, everyone. Two boys stayed and we played solo whist for a few hours before going home.
Then it was CSI on the television again. Christopher wouldn't watch anything else it it was up to him.
Another slow start on 27th, except for Viv, who went out shopping with her mum. I started sorting out the two services I'm involved with on Sunday: leading at 10:30, preaching at 6:30. The afternoon was another quiet one. Then, in the evening, at about 8, Julienne picked us up for an evening with her and Justin. Curry, beer, Baileys, more Baileys... conversation about wide-ranging issues from the sublime to the ridiculous, and all stops in between.
We left just before midnight and walked from just by Prenton Park, past the old stamping grounds of Birkenhead and Bebington, through Dibbinsdale and back home before half past one.
When I was a child, or even a young adult, I wouldn't ever have done a walk like that, as our family view was that a mile was a long way and more than two miles was just absurd. Somewhere round the world, this view of life changed.
But it did mean today didn't start early either. Still, it's lunchtime now.
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